Proper Hall-Walking Etiquette

Proper Hall-Walking Etiquette

Shayna Held, Reporter

If you go to high school that means you’ve experienced bad hall-walkers or maybe are even one of these bad hall walkers. There are many different kinds of bad hall walkers. There are some who, when the bell rings, become Speedy Gonzales, some who think they live in England and walk on the left side of the hall, some who walk in groupies that take up the entire hall, and so forth. If you are one of these criminals, please stop. Our halls are crowded enough and you must become less of a burden for us civilized individuals.

When it comes to navigating the halls of Wantagh High School, there are some actions to avoid.

First I’d like to target the speed-walkers. Calm down. At this point in the school year, there’s no rush to claim a seat, being that at this point the seats are pretty much permanent. Unless you have a legitimate reason to run, settle down. You speed-walkers tend to be violent if another student is in your way. Please stop rushing around all the time so that other students don’t have to take precautions around you.

My next advice goes to those of you who walk on the wrong side of the hall-way. You do not live in England so pip pip cheeri-NO. We live in America. We are all accustomed to staying on the right side, so please don’t try and break this tradition. It’s how we maintain order. Just stay on the right and no one will have any issues.

Those of you who walk in groups, that’s great, but don’t take up the entire hallway. We are not playing a game of red rover. I shouldn’t have to shove my way around an entire group, given that we are all civilized enough to stay out of each other’s way.

Please everyone of Wantagh High School, it’s simple. So just to recap:

-Calm down and take it slow
-Walk on the right side of the hall
-Don’t take up the whole hallway

Follow these steps and I promise everyone will have a much greater appreciation for you in the halls.