Are Mediums Real?

Sara Sneddon, Reporter

Tarot Cards, Horoscopes, palm readings and mediums….Is it true? Is fate really decided by the month you were born? Do the lines indented in your hand pave your future? Are a person’s actions truly foreshadowed by their zodiac signs or is it just a fun superstition?

There are many different views on the thought that your future is decided by outside forces. Some religions think the planetary movements make important life decisions for them. Meanwhile other people think the type of beliefs like horoscopes and mind readers are a pathetic way to try to make sense of your actions and world.

“I used to get a horoscope but they just turn out to be stupid advertising opportunities for companies to tell me I have to see a movie because I’m a Libra,” said Wantagh Sophomore Ashley Favery

Many people agree that many of these services always try to swindle you for your money. Another example of this would be so called palm readers telling you in your future they see something big happening but you need another visit to clarify, therefore paying them more money. Are they in the business to put you in bankruptcy? Maybe, maybe not.

There are many stories where a psychic contacts someone about a very urgent manner. Then this psychic tells them they have some type of evil entity or curse on them and is preventing them from being successful in love, money and even health. Usually following this they give you an option to request for their services to rid you of this entity or curse and for a hefty fee!

It may be that there are a couple of real mediums and horoscopes out there, and other copy cats trying to get your money. For instance Long Island medium has proven basically truthful in many episodes

There are so many different options in this field including mall booths dedicated to palm reading, stores for fortune tellers, and even numbers you can text message to receive a daily horoscope at a given time of the day! Many apps are available at iTunes and much more.
So, are fortune tellers real? Next time you are ready to pay$2.99 for a horoscope app, think about it. Is magic a reality? Well no one may know but as a magic 8 ball would say, reply hazy, try again soon.