Find Your Style

Diana Kimbley, News Editor

Hate the clothes on your back? You shouldn’t. Teens sometimes don’t wear the clothes they want to because they are worried about other criticism. Fashion can be used as a creative outlet and can help show your personality through the clothes you wear.

You should be comfortable in your clothes, too. You can be comfortable in sweatpants or jeans but what I’m most comfortable in are dresses and skirts. I wear them year round because those are the clothes that I like and what I consider comfortable. How you dress is a personal choice and you shouldn’t let people’s comments on your outfit stop you (unless it’s inappropriate, then please change).

I personally like wearing black clothing. It’s slimming and easy to work with but the comments that are made aren’t really appreciated. I was wearing a black shirt and pants one day and someone said, “You look like you’re in mourning.”. Not funny. I wore that because it’s what I am comfortable in and I don’t need those “funny” comments.

Don’t hold back! If you pick up a “loud” or bold shirt at the mall and you really like it, don’t put it back because you’re afraid of what people will think of you in it. Fashion is a way for you to show off your creative side and have fun with styling! Accessories can really make an outfit if styled the right way. You should have fun with your outfits and feel good in them. So, if you really want that bold sweater or pair of pants, do me a favor, go pick them up. Happy Shopping!