The Parent Conundrum

Arianna Hill, Reporter

Parents can control: The clothes you wear. The color of your bedroom walls. Who you hang out with. Bedtime. What you eat for dinner.

But eventually, kids grow up and the control stops. And part of growing up is developing your own identity — one that is separate from your parents. It’s totally normal for teens to create their own opinions, thoughts, and values about life; it’s what prepares them for adulthood. Parents around the world want to keep their little babies forever, little do they know, we babies need to become adults.
“If you yell at me I’m going to rebel more than if you just try and talk to me,” said Noel Walker, a senior at Wantagh High. Teens believe that immediately being yelled at for mistakes, never works.
“It’s like one day they are your best friend and the next day they’re your worst enemy,” said junior Laura Mallon.

“How about when your parents ask you when you’re coming home, and after telling them, they call hours later yelling at you asking the same question?” said senior Steph Pissi. Parents have all been there; didn’t this bother them when they were younger?
Teenagers fight with their parents. Why? Because it’s part of being a kid and teenage rebellion. One of the worst things about being a teenager is butting heads with your parents. I heard a handful of stories from my grandparents about both my mom and dad. When I personally get in trouble I always seem to have something to say back, I’m sure my parents did also (I mean the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.) Of course, parents are trying to be protective and make sure we live our lives, with limits of course. But they need to understand our point of view.
2014 is a lot different then 1970; I think we could all agree on that. Our teenage lives seem to always be hectic. Between school, drama, sports, exercising, social lives, and a healthy amount of sleep, we too get stressed out. That’s what parents need to understand. They get stressed out over work. Well so do we. I believe we need to find a middle and have an understanding.