Academic Teams Master the Minds of Opponents

Shayna Held, Reporter

This year the school’s varsity and junior varsity Academic teams had much success during their season. The varsity team had nearly an undefeated season qualifying them for the playoffs. They were seeded 13th out of 18 varsity teams. The team included Casey Terrel, Justin Roach, Jack Mazzer, Bridget Wiffler and Anthony Cangelosi, Jr.

The junior varsity team, after two losses, ended up coming in third for the Eastern Nassau division and were declared as the “on the bubble team” to qualify for the playoffs. The junior varsity team was then selected to compete in the playoffs and was seeded 17th out of 18 junior varsity teams.

Both team were advised by Bill Bogatz for the 20th year.

This team included Rebecca Donn, Shayna Held, Julia Lantier, Samantha Roemer and Olivia Gauck.
In the Long Island Championships, at Plainview High School, both teams placed higher than their seeds. The varsity team came in 9th out of Long Island and 3rd in Nassau County. The junior varsity team came in 9th out of Long Island and 6th in Nassau County