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The news site of Wantagh High School.

The Warrior

The news site of Wantagh High School.

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High School is Monotonous Except for…


As much as I’d like to start this by exclaiming how quickly high school went by, I’m going to be honest: it didn’t go by very quickly at all. I feel as if I’ve spent my entire life up to this point attending Wantagh High School. I barely have any memories of elementary school or middle school. All I remember about those years is that they were a lot simpler.

High school is a mundane, monotonous requirement. Bell rings. Homeroom. Bell rings. First period. Bell rings. Second period. Forty minutes in, four minutes out. Forty minutes in, four minutes out. A mundane, monotonous requirement. Do you want to succeed in life? Do you care about your career? Then you’ll get the highest grades you can get, even if it kills you. You’ll be as involved as possible in extracurricular activities, even if it kills you. You’ll prepare as hard as you can for a 3-hour-and-45-minute exam that will quite possibly determine your entire future, even if it kills you. Then, you’ll apply and get into the best college or university you possibly can. High school. A mundane, monotonous requirement to succeed.

My story of stress is not unique. Dozens and dozens of students can share similar stories in regards to how much they’ve studied for AP exams, or scrambled to prepare things for the club that they’re on the executive board of. And I’ve never been a fan of the kids who enjoy complaining to other people about how large their workload is, so I don’t plan on being a hypocrite now. However, I just wanted to write that, as much as I’ve enjoyed my time at Wantagh, I can’t help but blame high school, as an institution, for hindering my enjoyment of the last four (but particularly two) years.

Now, with that being said, let me write how lucky I feel to have attended Wantagh High School. Despite recent events, I’m still a firm believer at Wantagh is the best high school in Nassau County. I don’t like high school. But I love Wantagh High School.

From my time in band to the hours spent making this newspaper, I will always be thankful for every club and activity I’ve been a part of, but one is above the rest: Model Congress.

Model Congress is without a doubt the best extracurricular activity offered at Wantagh. It encourages students who wouldn’t normally speak up to speak up. Earlier this year, a member approached me and told me that he found his time in the club assisted him in feeling more comfortable speaking in public. It encourages students who have strong opinions but feel nobody wants to listen to them to realize that there are others just like them. In addition, due to the nature of the club, it is almost entirely student-run. This in turn encourages students to become leaders. And most of all: it’s freakin’ fun. There’s much more to Model Congress than debating, I would just feel weird writing it here because, well, what we do is weird. But every time we win the coveted Best Delegation trophy and our victory causes members to sob uncontrollably – that’s when I know that Model Congress is the best extracurricular activity in the school. I’ll miss being General Chair of that club more than anything else in high school. Please, if you’re not part of it, I beg you to consider joining it. Improve your high school years.

So, Wantagh, I bid thee farewell. I want to say that there are so many members of this school’s faculty that I’ll miss, and I will be eternally grateful for the friends and memories I’ve made here. Adiós.

P.S. In case you are wondering about the photo accompanying this “Senior Farewell” that is my good friend Brian McCrink. Why is his photo in this article? I don’t really know. I thought it was funny.