Wait Barbie Isn’t Real?

Laura Panagis, Features Editor

When our young minds were clouded with innocence reality was merely a dream. As a child I remember all I wanted to do when I “grew up” was to be able to drive. I wanted to look like what a teenager was supposed to look like, and gain independence from my parents. Now that I’m finally at the age to be able to make all of my “dreams” come true they don’t seem as important as I thought they would be. Now, at 16, my main concerns are grades, SATs, and extracurricular activities. This will be leading me to the next chapter of life. This gives me the feeling that I never stop worrying about my future whether it is worrying or fantasizing.

When we were young we were somewhat brainwashed, imagining our lives to be lived like Malibu Barbie. We were left unprepared for a future beyond getting to drive, beyond being independent and looking perfect. Although these areas are important in the high school life we were left wondering what else is there aside from the lifestyle. Left to wonder how or lives will be lived out after being a teenager, after getting a driver’s license, when being Barbie stopped being fun.

The future is exciting, and new, but all kids and teens think about is one chapter after the next, we never think about the “now.” So, my proposition to you is, take time, just to gaze and enjoy the “now” don’t only think about the next chapter in your book. Elaborate on the story you’re currently writing word by word.
All chapters have an ending that lead to another chapter, if not there’s a sequel. Stop trying to make your life be like Malibu Barbie, and rid your life of the vagueness from when you were younger.