The New SAT Test Is Almost Here

Alyssa Giannetti, Reporter

Attention class of 2017: are you ready for the new SAT’s? Will they be easier? If so, colleges are most likely going to make their standards higher. In the new SAT, there are three main parts, Evidence-Based Reading and Writing- which includes a reading test, a writing test, and a language test- and a math section. In the new SAT, there are nine major changes. The revised SAT will launch in March and the PSAT in October 2015.

One of the changes in the new SAT is that now students must use evidence in their answers. So instead of selecting an answer from multiple choice, students have to cite specific passages to support their answers. Another change in the new SAT is the vocabulary. In the new test, there will be vocabulary that students would most likely use or see as they get older and go to college, rather than vocabulary that they will most likely never see or hear again. Also, the documents or speeches will be more familiar. One of the most major changes of the SAT is the essay; students can now choose whether or not they want to write it.

As for the math portion of the test, there are a couple of changes as well. The old test had a few questions for each s. The new test has fewer topics, but the students taking the test need to know the topics more in-depth. Calculators will now be banned for portions of the test, forcing students to understand the mathematical concepts instead of just plugging them into their calculators.

Students will no longer be penalized for incorrect answers. Students will simply get points for correct answers. In the old test, ¼ point would be deducted for incorrect answers (not including skipped questions.) The points are also different; The test is out of 1,600 rather than 2,400 points. In addition, now you have the option to take the test either on paper or digitally. All these changes to the test seem great, but there may also be some negative effects.

No one knows exactly what the new test is going to be like. In the past when you would get tutored, the tutor would know what the test was going to look like. With the new test, they aren’t going to know exactly what to prepare you for. In the end, the new test seems like it has a lot of positive changes.