The Plague of Bullying

Brigid Coleman, Reporter

Bullying still remains a prominent problem among students of all ages. Excessive bullying wipes away your spirit and ultimately leaves you feeling dejected. The desolation can lead victims into a dark state where they have to take drastic measures to numb the pain of being mistreated.

Although physical abuse is now being taken more seriously, emotional abuse is arguably much more impactful to a student’s self-esteem. Emotional abuse demolishes a student’s self-worth. Studies have shown that approximately 160,000 teens skip school every day because of incessant bullying. Bullying strips away character. It’s difficult to figure out how to diminish the amount of emotional torment several students have to cope with. However, if students develop more compassion towards others, no one wouldd have to dread going to school.

We should look after those who are being severely mistreated and acknowledge the warning signs for extreme distress. Some signs include losing interest in the things they used to cherish, being in an unsettling despondent state, sleeping too much or too little, changing eating habits, and threatening to hurt oneself ( People unfortunately tend to dismiss these signals and view them as hopeless attempts for attention. Instead of ignoring someone’s suffering, we must do our best to give them the proper help they need, so they no longer feel like they’re slipping away.

Bullying is a devastating problem that significantly impacts the bully and the victim. It’s a ridiculous cycle of cat and mouse that never seems to cease. If we all learn to conduct ourselves better and spurn the cruel input of others, we’ll finally begin to fully understand our self-worth.