Class Bests: Big W.H.S. September News

Lindsay Kramer, News Editor

As senior year comes to a start, there are two words on every senior’s mind: Class Bests. To some, these words can result in hope that they’ll finally be recognized for something after the last four years of trying to stay under the radar. For others, it’s almost inevitable to what they will win as the ballots start piling in.

When the nomination ballots came out, it was as if you could feel the tension between seniors. Seniors campaigning for what they wanted, sometimes even campaigning for the same things. It was madness. The nominations were due, and tallied for the top three finalists. Before the top three were revealed, there was controversy, because some seniors already had an idea of who would win because they had tallied the nominations for the final ballots. Regardless of all the controversy and arguments, the Final Ballots with the top three nominees were sent out, collected in the office, and tallied for the winners.

The names of the winners were hung up in the hallway and seniors flocked to see who had won like a moth to a flame. As you walked towards the wall of winners, you saw all emotions; happiness, disappointment, confusion, and even sometimes anger. Nobody seemed completely satisfied with the results, even if they won something.

“Over the last few years students seem to have become more and more personally and emotionally invested in the Class Bests,” said yearbook advisor, Mr. Parlagreco. “There never used to be the level of campaigning and talk that we see today. Try as we may, there seems to be no way to get results that satisfy everyone when it comes to Class Bests.”

The thing to think about in almost all situations like this one is, “Is this all going to matter in a few years? Or even in a few weeks?”

The answer to that question is no, class bests won’t matter in a few years or even in a few weeks. Like almost everything, the stress over class bests has faded and it’s only been a month. People can get so caught up in a moment that they don’t realize that it won’t matter as you get older. Especially in high school, there will always be something new to pop up and replace the current gossip.

Class bests are nothing to stress over. If you won, or if you didn’t, it’s no big deal.