Group Projects – Ugh!

Laura Panagis, Features Editor

Group projects: we’ve all had them, but what exactly makes
them different from other projects? Is it the the fact that students have a chance to work with their friends? Or the fact that other students get credit for another student’s hard work? What it comes down to is some students care and others simply don’t.

We all know how it feels to be the person with the weight
upon their shoulders to do all of the work for group projects. Here are two quick tips: 1. don’t work with people that will take advantage of your focus on your grades. And 2. Although this tip seems harsh, try to avoid working with a friend that gets bad grades.

The main point of a “group project” is to teach students how to interact and brainstorm together. This sounds like a great idea, but unfortunately, students tend to not care. As long as they have smart group members, they think they have a solid chance for an easy A.

The bottom line is, are group projects for better social skills
or are they for better grades?