Lofty Resolutions? Will They Stick?

Bianca Buffamonte, Associate Editor

It is 2015! A captivating time to, somehow, start over. For more than 4,000 years, civilizations around the globe have been celebrating the beginning of each New Year with special festivities. The typical New Year hours are spent at parties or watching the glimmering NYC ball drop from 141 feet.

A common New Year’s belief is that it brings an opportunity to form ourselves into the person we wish to be. This leads us to the infamous New Year resolutions. The question is: will they be resolved? Or will you resolve to not make any more New Year Resolutions? It is a favored opinion in today’s society to disagree with the idea of resolutions.

“I think people set such high expectations for themselves,” Ms. Galen-Pena said with a shy smile. “It’s almost as if they’re set up for failure.”

For those who create resolutions, some popular ideas are to lose weight, to quit smoking and to save money. Some of Wantagh High School’s student body and staff shared their resolutions.

“I want to read more,” says Senior Julie Loney.

“I want to live with less stuff,” says Ms. McPartlan. “I want to live more simply.”

Senior Ryan Keane says, “I want to be able to say no more; to stand up for my own opinions.”

Either New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day, the special feeling you get when the clocks hit 12 a.m. is a time to be remembered.

It is about staying up late and seeing the old year suddenly form into a mere memory while the New Year rushes in with anticipation and excitement. Whether your resolutions are resolved or not, the magical holiday is glorifying all on its own.