What Happens When You are Rejected from Your First College Choice

Steph Pissi, News Editor

You feel like your whole future is gone and everything you planned to do after high school is over. You didn’t think you would need a plan B and now you regret not having one. You have a minor panic attack – or major panic attack, about what you do now. You would never think that your dream college would deny you. It seemed easy to get into.

“Getting denied from my number one college was devastating,” said senior Gina Ciappina. “I got accepted everywhere else and even if I did get in, it would be too expensive. There’s plenty of colleges I can choose from and I learned to see the opportunity other great colleges have for me.”

Too many seniors experience this awful rejection.. When you first read the rejection letter, you are stunned, shocked. Then you read it again, and again, and again, and finally you realize that you didn’t make it. You take it hard. Your thoughts are flying around in your head, you have to catch them and put them back together. It may seem like the end of the world in your little teenage life but it’s not. This rejection just led you to a school that you will fall in love with.

I applied to other schools just in case this did happen. I applied to about 8 other schools and I did get accepted into my second choice.

Perhaps one reason I didn’t get into my first choice is because I picked a very competitive major. It’s very important for your first choice to pick a major to give you the best chance of being admitted. Sometimes it’s even best to pick undecided as a major and then switch once you become a junior.

But I did not get accepted into many others so I’m glad that my second option pulled through. I’m most likely going to end up going to my second choice but I am still very indecisive because there is a lot to consider. You’re going to have so many different options that you have to rethink of, like do you want to go away or do you want to stay home? How far away do you want to be? Do you want a big school or a little school? Do these new schools have your major? It’s a lot to rethink but in the end it will work out for the best. Plus, just because you didn’t get in the first time doesn’t mean you won’t get in a second time. Sometimes it’s easier for transfer students to get into a school. So you can always try again!