Bruce Jenner Will Announce Gender Transition on Reality Show March 15

Lily Newland, Editor in Chief

In recent news, Bruce Jenner, father of Kylie and Kendall Jenner and former stepfather to the Kardashian children, will reveal that he plans on making the transition from a man to a woman and will be undergoing a sex change operation shortly.

Jenner has reportedly informed his family that he is a transgender, and will be receiving an operation to become a transsexual. This conversation was filmed and is scheduled to be aired on episode 13 of season 10 of Keeping Up with The Kardashians which premieres March 15 of this year. Rumors have also been floating around that Jenner has requested that his family stop referring to him as “Bruce” but instead as “Belinda.”

Apparently Jenner has been dressing in women’s clothing for years, according to one of his three ex-wives, Christie Scott. He has had deep rooted gender identity issues throughout his entire life and for a good portion of it had chosen to keep them concealed from the public eye. It is understandable that in coming out to the public, he has chosen to do so in a gradual manner.

Over the years changes to Jenner’s aesthetic have been fairly noticeable, with his multiple facial surgeries, and the length of his hair, which may or may not be considered feminine qualities. Regardless, it seems that the news of his alleged sex change was a bit of a shock to the public.