Nassau BOCES Offers Over 100 Career Options

Makayla LaRosa, Reporter

Returning back to school for me this September was harder than other years. Being a senior hasn’t really set in yet, but at the same time I felt that I was ready for something other than school. That’s why had decided to attend Nassau BOCES.

At BOCES I will be studying cosmetology. Learning a trade is a hard choice to make, almost as hard as picking a college. When attending a school to learn a trade you are preparing to have a job right out of school. If you have trouble seeing yourself in a college environment I would recommend looking into a trade school.

Nassau BOCES offers more than 100 different programs and services that change constantly to keep up with the evolving world. Some examples of BOCES most popular programs are Cosmetology, Culinary Arts, Animal Care, and Auto Technology. BOCES is just like any other school. Students have the chance to participate in service projects, make honor role, and be inducted into the technical school honors society. BOCES is also a great way to make new friends, students from all over Nassau come to school to learn a trade in something they are all truly interested in.

If you are interested in BOCES at all ask your guidance counselor. They are your own private guide into learning all there is to know about BOCES, from there you and your counselor can plan a trip for you to visit a school to get a real experience of what BOCES is really like, these special days are called taste of tech. BOCES is open to juniors and seniors, so even if you are a freshman or a sophomore don’t hesitate to ask about BOCES.