Theatrical Magic

Jacqueline Schroder, Associate Editor

What’s the difference between ‘theatre’ and ‘theater?’ Did you even know that there was a difference? The vast majority of people believe they are familiar with theatre but they’re really not. Theatre is a practice of the performing arts, but let’s dig deeper into it.

Taking in the role of a character, whether it is nonfiction or fiction, gives you the opportunity to see things through a totally new perspective. There are different aspects and components of theatre, mainly revolving around acting, singing, and dancing. Of course we could dig much deeper into the various types of the three, but we’ll stick to the basics.

Theatre helps you determine who you are and develop self-confidence. Performing takes a lot of courage and strength, but your friends will help you through it. However, in time you realize that in auditions and performances… no one is actually judging you, they are judging your ability to play the part you are given. That’s why it’s so magical. You get to hide behind any mask possible, of course I meant that figuratively but depending on the show you may literally get to wear a mask.

You are probably wondering how drama can help you find who you are when you aren’t actually being yourself. Given different perspectives and opinions from different characters helps you learn thoughts, careers, phrases, ideas, etc., that you never knew existed. After being exposed to such you may decide ‘Hey, I believe in that too…’ You get to come to conclusions on your own.

Another reason theatre is so amazing is because within theatre communities, you will encounter the most accepting people in the world. People who are involved with the preforming arts deal with every emotion possible, every religion possible, every sexual orientation possible, and multiple personalities. We learn these different things through the characters we play.

Additionally, your fellow teammates are always encouraging – even during auditions. Everyone just wants the same thing… to be cast. We all get nervous and give one another the boost of motivation they need regardless of how well you know the person. Whatever you choose to be in theatre will be welcomed and accepted as long as you aren’t disrespecting anyone else.

If you ever want to give theatre a shot, I’d recommend auditioning for our school plays or finding a private theatre group. Overall, being involved in the performing arts is a privilege that everyone deserves to experience.