Lights Out

Lights Out

Jacqueline Schroder and Vivyan Razeq, Associate Editor and Reporter

Imagine a day without technology. Not just computers and televisions, we’re talking about your smartphone, power and cars too. How would you survive?

Let’s say you’re sitting at home alone one day on your tablet and it was charging… but it died on full battery and all the lights in your house went with it. You went to go check the television but that didn’t seem to be functioning either. You run to your room to find your phone and you try to turn it on to call a technician service however your phone shows no sign of life. Furiously, you stomp out to your car and throw yourself into the vehicle and jam your key into the ignition. Astonishingly, the engine doesn’t roar. Confused, you slowly get out of the car and sprint to your neighbors, looking for comfort. You rang the doorbell, but it made no sound so you knocked. Your neighbor answered, teary, with her dead smartphone. You were astonished that in less than five minutes, it was corrupting people’s mental state.

The neighborhood was dark and gloomy now. Then the rioting starts. People screamed, cried, and threatened to sue if they didn’t get an explanation. People argued, threw each other around like animals… you stared at everything in despair realizing that all the humanity we are accustomed to having, vanished.

If technology really was to go for a day, these absurd reactions wouldn’t be too far off from accurate. You would have no way to contact anyone, no way to get anywhere except walking, you’d be in darkness with nothing to do… and honestly we’d simply be back to the Stone Age.