Ms. Grange’s Travels Take Her to Exotic Wantagh


Nyatasha Jackowicz, Editor in Chief

Ms. Grange, the maternity leave replacement for Mrs. Lopera, loves teaching English.

Ms. Grange is a graduate of the University of Maryland and there she double majored in Secondary Education and English. Her aspiration to teach began when she was in third grade. She had a poem published in a children’s poetry book. Her love for writing paired with her love of teaching led her to Wantagh’s English Department.

Before Ms. Grange found her way to Wantagh High School she was in the process of being certified to teach in New York State after college. At that time she would tutor privately as well as travel to exotic places. She is a travel fanatic and one of her favorite past adventures was to Barcelona, Spain. Also Ms. Grange has visited the Greek Islands, and Istanbul, Turkey.

When asked what she does in her free time she responded, “My favorite thing to do is travel. I love to see the places I’ve read about in books. I also enjoy watching documentaries and attempting to improve my cooking skills.” The humorous English teacher seems to be down to earth and shows her love of documentaries by featuring TED talks during class. Her take on educating her students with videos and technology enhances the learning process in the classroom.

Ms. Grange fits perfectly with the English teacher archetype, shown through her passion in teaching literature and her knowledge with books. She promotes diverse pieces of reading in the classroom but in a personal setting her favorite authors are Jodi Picoult and James Patterson.

There is never a dull moment in her classroom, whether it be from her energetic approach to teaching or her motivating lessons. Some of her happiness may be a result of sharing her classroom with Ms. Judge, another first year english teacher. Despite being separated by two pages in this issue, the two are besties.

If you’d like some good recommendations on destinations to travel to or suggestions for books with great settings you should swing by room 130 and pay Ms. Grange a visit.