Is it Too Early to Decorate for Christmas?

Grace McKenna, Viewpoints Editor

It’s November, 6 weeks before Christmas. You’re all decked out for Halloween, but you forgot to buy a smoke machine for the front porch. You head to the store and find the isle, but you can’t see past the Christmas tree to your right. You turn to the left, but there are wreaths in your way. It’s a Christmas nightmare!

We all know the routine. One day you’re watching a horror movie and the next, you’re decorating the tree. The turkeys are barely off of the farm and we’re already wrapping gifts. Some people are annoyed by this and others are happy to embrace the Christmas spirit. Grace Tague, a sophomore at Wantagh High School says,- “The best time to decorate is anytime after Thanksgiving.”

Recently, the Roosevelt Field Mall Christmas tree was replaced with a glacier santa attraction. This caused a lot of controversy. People were complaining that the glacier looks more like a spaceship. A social media protest was created to put the Christmas tree back up. It gained over a thousand signatures. Other than the “spaceship,” there was nothing else displayed. No carols, wreaths, or even elves. The mall will be adding a Christmas tree next to the attraction.

New York City, the center of Christmas spirit, is already in full swing. The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree was chosen from The Hudson Valley in Gardiner, New York this year. It was cut down November 4 and has already been transferred to NYC. Eighty miles later, the 78-foot tree has been strung with lights and is ready to go. The lighting takes place on December 2 with live performances from popular artists. It will stay lit until January 6.

Another tradition is The Radio City Christmas Spectacular. With showings from the Rockettes and Christmas songs, families are guaranteed a fun time. Although Christmas is over a month away, you can still get into the spirit.