An Outrageous Ouija Outcome

Jacqueline Schroder, Associate Editor

You can’t say that you haven’t done something impractical because you knew it was risky. How about the Ouija board?

Four friends and I played the Ouija board on a recent Saturday night. The first hour of the game was mindless and comical as there was nothing thought provoking occurring. Two of my friends decided to stop playing. Keep in mind that we were all newly acquainted through this absurd scenario.

The name of one of the two friends, who had stopped playing, was mentioned by the Ouija board. The board said she was in danger, and claimed to be her deceased Aunt. Suspiciously, we called her over and had her watch. She refused to play but asked several questions. The board correctly answered the year her aunt had allegedly died, the date her parents were born, and her old address. The two girls and myself, who were playing, had not known any of this information… it isn’t the kind of information that you casually tell people. After she finally recognized that this spirit was her deceased aunt, we got down to business.

The spirit said someone was after her and to watch her back. In denial, we all looked at each other with a look that read ‘which one of you moved it?’

Some friends believe that it maybe have been moved by another player.
“One time when I played the game with Jacqueline and our friends, nothing happened,” said Vivyan Razeq.”It can’t be true.”

We left the board where it was and decided to watch a movie. I was in disbelief and was positive that one of my friends was moving the planchette.

Later that night we decided to watch a movie. To our surprise, the TV abruptly turned off. We only had one remote control that lay almost twenty feet away on the shelf the TV was standing on. We all stared at each other with our mouths opened in shock and stared at the board. We decided it was best to go to sleep.

We woke up the next day and decided to pick the worst option possible: to play the board again. We had supposedly encountered a ‘bad spirit’ that wanted revenge because we didn’t believe what was told the previous night. We immediately stopped playing and sat around the board speechless. My friend screamed so we all looked at her strangely until we heard it too. Items from a shelf on the other side of the room literally fell off making a spine shivering collision on the floor.

It was insane and we decided to get out of the house but that was after we destroyed the board and duck taped the pieces together. When we returned later on, the board the tape was lifted and the board was back on the table which was not where we left it.

My friends and I can promise you that we hadn’t dared to move the board… which leaves us all with one question. Who did?