Swagways Gaining Popularity Despite problems with Batteries and Being Banned in Some Cities

Sean Smith, Reporter

Make way for the new Swagway. A Swagway is a self- balancing two-wheeled board. It is a rechargeable and battery powered vehicle. It has two parallel wheels that the person stands on and moves by flexing their feet and bending their knees. Many people like to call the Swag way hoverboards, but in fact they are not real. However, they are real in many futuristic movies.

Perhaps, one day hoverboards will be invented and will actually lift people in the air, but for now the Swagway is the closest thing people have to hoverboards in 2015.The Swagway has a sensor so it can tell which direction the person riding it would like to go in. It also has the ability to go a maximum of 10-15 m.p.h., depending on which type you purchase. The Swagway was first sold in China, but after American celebrities, such as Justin Bieber, Jamie Foxx, Kendall Jenner, Chris Brown, Soulja Boy, and Wiz Khalifa promoted it, Americans noticed it and desired it. .

It was announced that all Swagway were banned in New York City streets, November 18. The New York Police Department 26th precinct tweeted @nypd26pct “Be advised that the electric #hoverboard is illegal as per NYC Admin. Code 19-176.2 #Morningside #Harlem #Christmas.

Many New York City residents have complained that the Swagway is dangerous to pedestrians and sometimes can be a real inconvenience to citizens. The 26th precinct found it very dangerous because it has no handle bars. Also, it is illegal to ride a vehicle that the has the capacity to go more the six miles per hour. The final reason the NYPD found it as a threat is because it is new technology that they know little about it and what it can do.

Across the seas the United Kingdom decided to banned all Swagways, but not in one city, the entire United Kingdom. They were actually banned 180 years ago in Great Britain. In 1835, a law was made that having a Swagway (a scooter) in public is illegal. Along with having a horse,ass(donkey), sheep, mule, swine or cattle. It is an offence under Section 72 of the Highway act in england.The police in the UK are allowed to arrest anyone who disobeys this law. Riding a scooter on the road is also against the law. This law was passed in 1988. So the only way the citizens of United Kingdom can ride their Swag ways are on their own land.

The holiday season is on its way and this vehicle will definitely be a popular gift for children all over the country to receive this year for the holidays. The average Swagway is about $150 to $300 if you buy on online. If you buy it at a store it will be listed for much more money due to high demand. Even though recently some Swagways have been reported to catch on fire after use and charging for hours. This may affect some parents’ views on these vehicles and may be an unsafe holiday gift.

My cousins WHS freshmen, Moira and James Nolan have gotten their Swagways for their 14th birthday.

“I saw them on the internet first and it looked really cool,” says WHS freshman, Moira Nolan. “Then I went to my friend’s house and she had one and I thought it was cool.”

It looks like a new exciting, futuristic way to get around,” said Moira’s twin brother James.