Works Outs Relieve Stress

Julia Fazio, Reporter

Do you work out? Do you go to the gym and see a trainer? Or do you work out by yourself at home?

Many Wantagh students workout at a gym. World Gym and Gold’s Gym are the two most popular gyms students go to in Wantagh. Many students don’t go to the gym for the same reasons. “I like going to the gym because it makes me feel good,” says WHS junior Jamie Cohen. Many students are like Jamie and go to the gym to feel better about their bodies and their mental health. Not everyone goes to the gym to get stronger and faster. Some students find the gym as a great stress reliever.

“I love going to the gym after a long day and releasing all my stress,” WHS junior Alyssa Giannetti says. She explained that after a stressful day working out makes her feel better. Without it, she would be more stressed. Although those are great reasons to go to the gym there are many other reasons students go.

A lot of athletes go to the gym so that when they get on the court or field they are in good shape and can excel in their sport. Joe Valenti, who plays football and lacrosse, goes to the gym 3-4 times a week to keep in good shape and become stronger. Good athletes go to the gym in order to gain that extra step to become better. The gym is a great way for all students to relieve stress, become better athletes, and feel better about themselves.