Housewife? Maybe it’s in your Future

Tim Grief, Reporter

Fifteen years ago a Wantagh student wrote a controversial article that was published in the school newspaper. Megan Gill, a Class of 2000 senior, expressed her feelings about suburban life. Gill discussed how the suburban life and a 9-5 job strips away passion and causes “INSTANT DEATH.” I do not agree with what she wrote. As we grow older and develop new, greater responsibilities our passions change; they do not disappear. For example, when we have children we develop a passion for providing and we work our 9-5 jobs to give the little kids that we created everything that they deserve.

The American Dream is a privilege which is afforded to some but not most. We dream of big homes, expensive cars, beautiful children, and our soul mates. There is nothing selfish about it. If you create a family then you are already contributing incredible things to our planet; having a family wouldn’t cause any restrictions that would take away from your contribution.

If anything, having a family and house with a white picket fence is an incentive. As young adults we all look forward to our future; I don’t believe people would look forward to the future quite like they do now if we didn’t have such large aspects of our life like marriage and kids ahead of us. I think this is true for everyone; even Megan Gill. Megan Gill is now married with kids and no job (because she recently quit her job) making her the antithesis of what she spoke out against in high school: a housewife.

High school students often try to rebel and challenge the everyday way of life. As we grow older we will realize that it’s the everyday way of life for a reason. Life is all about perception; it’s either everything we want it to be or not that’s up to us as individuals to decide. There is no reason to have definite beliefs of what you won’t be because you could become that. I think Megan Gill, a rebellious angry teenager turned housewife, proves this true.