The Dorm: Your Home Away From Home

Nyatasha Jackowicz, Editor in Chief

Prom and graduation are almost upon us and college acceptances are rushing in. Soon, for those who are going away, we will be living in a brand new place and you’re going to need a few tips to make your new dorm room a comfier place.

1. Scope out the place. Once you’ve established the institution you’re going to sell your soul to for the next 4 years, try to look up what the typical dorm looks like there. That can help you determine if you can to bring a larger load of your belongings. Be sure to check if the dorms have an air conditioner or you’ll need to buy a fan, if there are bunk beds or single beds and how far off they are from the ground, under the bed is ideal for storage space. Also ask your college if they allow microwaves and mini fridges in the dorm or if they have an option to rent. When the Freshman 15 gets too real you’ll be glad you have a healthier assortment of goodies in your room.

2. Make a shopping list. For the past eighteen years you’ve probably been supported by your parents and haven’t had to go grocery shopping on your own. It’s a good time to start buying the essential everyday items you will definitely need in the future. Toothpaste, face wash, Shampoo & conditioner, shaving cream, razors, and so many things need to be remembered. Be sure to invest in a shower caddy to take these items to the bathroom with you, especially if you live in a hallway dorm life situation. Also it’s a good idea to buy a pair of shower shoes or flip flops to prevent bacteria from spreading in community showers. Gross, I know, but it needs to be said. Then for those individuals gifted with a semi private shower you must bring supplies to keep your bathroom clean and to keep those roommates happy.

3. Don’t forget specific items. Bring outfits for all types of weather. Be sure to bring a special outfit for that special date night, an impromptu party or a formal college event. Bring extra towels for when you’re doing laundry and bring laundry supplies because you’re going to have to start doing that if you haven’t already. Make sure you have some basic school supplies and invest in a lap top. There are going to be nights when you have a ridiculous work load and don’t even want get out of your bed to work, let alone go to the library across campus. Speaking about campus, it is going to be filled with food but you should buy a shoe rack that hangs on the back of the door. Instead of putting food in the slots, fill it with multiple different snacks so you can grab something on the go to class.

The survival of your college dorm experience depends on these tips so do not take this advice lightly. Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor.