Can’t get lazy?: Why some students are having trouble catching senioritis

Cant get lazy?: Why some students are having trouble catching senioritis

Cristina Zirilli, Reporter

Picture1Every second-semester senior stopped doing homework and now binge watches Netflix everyday. Right?

That assumption doesn’t reflect the reality of every high school senior and here’s why. We all know those students, the one’s who always do their homework and who treat school as though it it their full time job, right? For them, senioritis is a really foreign concept. I am actually one of those students.

Since day 1 I have loved school, and cared about my performance. What was driving me? It wasn’t really my parents, my peers or my teachers, however encouraging they may be. It is just part of my personality, or spirit, to care and that motivates me each and every day to get up, try my hardest, and keep pushing my limits.

That is why, when I first heard of this strange notion called “Senioritis,” I didn’t understand it. I probably won’t understand it, not even on June 9. I know I am not alone. I have talked to some of my classmates who share this feeling. Students that always tried hard in school for the sake of trying hard in school, not just to get into college, aren’t going to change their nature in these last few months of high school. Our teachers haven’t really slowed the workload, and they expect the same of me until June as they expected of me back in September.

Sometimes I wish I could just relax and not care about my grades. But I can’t. Many students can’t. Aside from my own passion for school, from a very young age students’ values have been deemed by whether they get good or bad grades. So if you tell a student for 12 years of their life that their ultimate goal, their key to happiness, is good grades, to turn around and take that back is really difficult. I don’t want my grades to slip, and I’m not quite sure why, but until I figure it out I’m going to keep working as hard as I can.