Savoring Senior Year


Sara Sneddon, Associate Editor

Finally, the senior class is nearing the end of our four years at Wantagh High School. Leaving the first place I called home, I normally would be warmed with the fact I am going off to college. While I always said I was ecstatic to leave Wantagh, here I am in the last leg of my high school career reminiscing about all the memories this town has given me. While this time last year I was raving about leaving, I can’t help it but to hold onto every moment left here.

Senior year feels like a time warp. I swear, just yesterday we all arrived at the crack of dawn to get a senior parking spot on the first day of school. Thinking back on my four years, there are so many things I am just realizing I have learned.

Despite how excited I am for college and everything new that will be in my life next year, I wish I could have been more excited to still enjoy senior year. Yes, it is true college will bring so many new and exciting things. But high school has also brought so many things to my life. As a senior, it’s important to know you won’t be coming back next year. To all the underclassmen, go full out on everything. Whether it is going to all the games or hanging out with your friends, it will end. Everyone always said that senior year goes fast. But, I never understood that until this year. Senior year is full of “lasts” so don’t miss out on them. The only regrets I have from high school are not doing more.

Looking back on the past four years, I am not sure how I would have done it without my friends. They have been there for all of the ups and downs and I honestly do not know how to function without them. Going to college seems like the best thing in the world until I think about doing it without my best friends. When I look back at all the hilariously idiotic things we have done, I know I did high school right.

This last year was about having fun and being with the people who allow you to do that. If I could give one piece of advice to underclassmen it would be do not, at all costs, get caught up in drama. Don’t burn bridges. When you have made it as far as the last year it is truly pointless to start fighting.

Leaving high school, there only little things I wish I could change. Even the stupid and embarrassing things have made me into the person I am today. In a couple of weeks, the seniors will be the alumni.

For four years, I really never thought high school would end. If anything, I prayed for graduation day. Now that I am reaching the day I constantly begged for over the past four years, I wish I could rewind back to freshmen year and do it over again. I wouldn’t want to be graduating from anywhere else, thanks for everything ‘Tagh.