What I learned in High School

Cristina Zirilli, Reporter

Applebee's with JP and Lauren

High School is only fast in hindsight. Looking back now, as a senior about to graduate, of course the years seem short. But in reality, the day to day aspect was slow.

Each day you arrive at school, waiting for drama to strike. There really isn’t any typical day in high school. Yes, you go to 9 periods a day, have the same teachers, and sit in the same classrooms. But beyond that, anything could happen.

There are so many days I remember strolling in with tired eyes, and something crazy happened. Some days it’s nice things, like finding a promposal note in your locker from your boyfriend. But other days, you quickly learn that your friend made up a lie about you and you have to do damage control before 2nd period.

In high school, I have learned to never say never. You might think that your friend group would never split up. And you continue to believe that, until it happens. Maybe someone you aren’t friends with anymore jumped to your side to defend you against someone you thought was your friend, something totally unexpected. See that’s the thing, nothing in life is guaranteed. High School prepares you for that. Not everyone that you meet is going to have good intentions. However, in my time in high school, I’ve learned that for every person who let you down there will be more human kindness to pick you back up.

High school also teaches that no matter how much advice someone gives you, more often than not you won’t listen to it. That might not actually be the worst thing. A lesson taught by a teacher or a preacher you might think about for a little while then forget. But, a lesson learned, through an experience where you were challenged or going through hardship, those are the lessons that stick with you.

None of us can foresee our exact future, even if we’ve already put down our college deposits or have found a job to start after high school. But I try to picture it as this. We all entered the high school as rough rocks. Every time that something or someone got us down, or we learned something, or our perception changed, a little bit of that rough rock shaved off. Now at the end of our four years at Wantagh High School, no matter how things went, we’re that much closer to being smooth, beautiful, round marbles. In the next phase of our lives, we’ll still have room to go. But the confidence and experiences that we have acquired in high school have prepared us to take on future challenges. With hard work, and faith, you can do anything that you set your mind to.

At the end of my senior farewell, I want to thank a few people. My best friend, Lauren Bednor, for sticking by my side since Kindergarten. We have practically grown up together and I am proud to call you my best friend forever. My boyfriend, JP Moran, you helped me to finally stand up for myself against friends that were treating me badly, and made me realize that I deserve better than that. You always put a smile on my face and I am comforted knowing that you are always by my side supporting me. Justin, Keith, Chrissy, Billy, Ryan, Cindy, Debbie, Nick, Hannah, Jonathan, and Brigid you guys mean a lot to me as my friends and you are so much fun to hang out with. I will miss the good times in high school but I also know that the true friends I have I will never lose. High School never leaves us, and we carry these memories in our hearts forever.