Reviewing Social Media

Anna Martorella, Reporter

Instagram, Snapchat, Yik Yak, Vine all social media apps on our phones that we can’t seem to put down. What’s the big deal?. Some teens take 100+ selfies of themselves hoping to find at least one post worthy picture of themselves for Instagram, which isn’t the greatest thing even if you look “glamorous” in the photo.

If a teen keeps idolizing themselves and comes across another selfie from another peer and she looks “better than them” that person’s confidence will plunge outrageously. In 2012, a team of researchers in the UK surveyed a group asking if confidence has gone down due to negative comments on photos or looking at someone else’s photo. Fifty-one percent had this issue. As an Instagrammer and Snapchatter, I can agree social media can be addicting at times, but I have enough self-control to put down my phone and do something more important.

Social media also has some positive effect on teens, according to CNN “social media makes 28% more outgoing, 5% who said it made them feel less so, and 29% said it made them feel less shy versus the 3% who said it made them feel more introverted.” More teens felt that it helps them cope with issues, and help rather than damage them. Maybe everyone thinks differently over this issue, what do you think?