Presidential Candidates Examine Health Issues

Lauren Salerno, Entertainment Editor

An extraordinary woman who is going up against the men for the presidential nomination come the 2016 election. As great as she is some say that she is not in good health to be this nation’s next president.

Rumor has it that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is not telling the country about her health, which may affect the amount of votes Clinton gets come this year’s presidential election. Republican nominee Donald J. Trump has made remarks about her health before this became a topic that may have an impact on the election.

A video was released of Clinton stumbling as she walked out of the 9/11 memorial, which was held on September 11 at the 9/11 memorial in New York City. Later on that day Clinton’s campaign issued a statement from her doctor saying that she was diagnosed with pneumonia 2 days prior to the memorial.

After Clinton said she had pneumonia the public started to question both her and Trump saying that they want to know everything about the health condition of their future president.

Clinton released her medical records to the public on Wednesday September 15. “Clinton’s blood pressure is 110/70, her heart rate was 70 and her cholesterol was 189,” says Clinton’s health report that was released by the Clinton campaign. The Clinton campaign also said that doctors said she was in perfect mental health and that this should not affect her role in the election.

A couple days later Trump went on the Doctor Oz show and handed Oz a short letter from his long-term doctor saying Trump was in “excellent physical health”.

Oz asked Trump a variety of questions that ranged from headaches to breathing issues, Trump replied no to all questions. The Media claims that Trump hasn’t really let the public in on his health. People are arguing this because of the lack of detail involving his health on Dr. Oz’s show, and the fact that the Trump campaign only released the brief letter from his doctor.

Are these Candidates lying? Is this affecting the campaign? We’ll find out come this year’s election which will take place come this November.