Are You Trapped in Social Media?

Annie Goode, Editor in Chief

Social media websites and apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are amazing ways of making friends not only in your community but worldwide. In this day in age, having friends doesn’t take much effort, just look at how many Facebook friends you have. How many follow requests are in your Instagram notifications? How many happy birthday’s you get tweeted from just mere acquaintances you haven’t spoken to since your last birthday? It is as if teenagers become Internet friends with anyone they cross paths with or ever heard of.

It is almost hard to lose touch with anyone even if you want to. Anyone can check up on you through your multiple profiles and updates, and you can check on them. Some “private” accounts have thousands of followers.

You can be a part of as many communities as you want, websites themselves are communities. The Facebook community, is filled with thousands of communities within it. This can be degrading to the community and the reputation of our time period. By simply liking a page people consider themselves as part of a community and some kind of activist making a difference for being a follower of an awareness page. Activism used to be storming in the streets, peaceful or non peaceful protesters fighting for their rights and suffering the consequences, but today people hide behind their computer or phone screens.