A New York Holiday State of Mind

Juliet Watstein, Reporter

Getting into the N.Y.C. state of mind can be very intimidating yet it can be exhilarating. The most popular time of the year is the holiday season.

The christmas tree in Rockefeller center is breathtaking. The most populated days of the week are Friday and Saturday nights. The impact of tourists piling in just to get the one picture in front of the tree can overwhelm. However, the bright lights and the standing tree can bring gleam to the eye. The tree and the lit up city as a whole, is beautiful. Experiencing this with family and friends is the way to go.

Another fun N.Y.C. activity is ice skating in Bryant Park. Most of the time Rockefeller Center is very crowded because of the Christmas tree. Although the tree is amazing, the ice skating rink in Bryant Park is peaceful and not as hectic. Based on preference, Bryant Park has the little shops, the ice skating rink and best of all the hot chocolate that warms up your taste buds.

The city can be a fun place when you put your mind to it. There are so many areas to go to in the city during the holiday season: a play on Broadway; The Sugar Factory, a restaurant in the city famous for its dry ice drinks – which are exciting to watch and tasty to the tongue.

The city is a spectacular place to adventure.The top sightseeing place I recommend is the High Line on the West Side. It’s a great walk for overlooking the city. I have never been to the Empire State Building but it is somewhere I would like to explore. Walking the Brooklyn Bridge may be cold during the winter season but a great way to get outdoors. Max Brenner and Ellen’s Stardust Diner are restaurants that are so alike but yet so different. Max Brenner has amazing desserts. But Ellen’s Stardust Diner is a lunch to remember. The diner is known for the off broadway singers who sing and dance to songs while you eat your brunch.