Need an Elective? Why Not Journalism

By Olivia Vinson, Reporter

Ever since I was in elementary school, I loved to write. I recall having journals upon journals of stories in my backpack, on my desk, stuffed in bookcases. English class was always a favorite for me and I recall rejoiced when our writing topics were open-ended. So when it came the time of year to start looking at high school classes last year, I was immediately drawn to the journalism classes. I talked to my guidance counselor and decided that it was a class that I would move my schedule around for.

Looking back on these past two quarters, I realize how much journalism has impacted my writing. Mr. Kravitz has taught me invaluable writing techniques, like how to shorten the amount of words in a sentence, while keeping the idea centralized. I’ve gone more in depth with grammar and vocabulary and explored different genres of writing.

Journalism was extremely enjoyable for me. I looked forward to it as a relief from the grueling school day and a chance to express myself. As a freshman, it’s been interesting to have a period with upperclassman, some of whom have been involved in journalism for many years, and to be part of a class where each students has a passion for writing.

Creativity and talent radiate from the Room 405 computer screens. I love that with each person, a new perspective is displayed through the program. I highly encourage any student who loves to write, to take Journalism. You won’t be disappointed!

“I first took Journalism in tenth grade not knowing what it was,” says Wantagh Senior Sean Smith, current Editor-in-Chief. “ I was actually surprised we were using computers. This year is now my third year in Journalism. It is one of my favorite classes and it will help your writing skills for the future.”