Yearbook Senior Quotes Phased Out

Sean Smith, Editor in Chief

Freshmen look forward to senior year so they can pick quotes that will appear under their names in the yearbook. Some students plan their quote as freshman. But for others, finding the right one can be a tricky. Many students look for a quote that defines who they are or sums up their high school experience. However can 144 characters really accomplish this?

This year some senior quotes that were submitted, deemed inappropriate and were denied admission in the yearbook for the class of 2017. Many students believe that your senior quotes should be a goal, a positive belief or even a memory. Others would rather have a quote that is humorous. Due to this Wantagh administrators decided that it would be best that this year’s graduating class is the last allowed to have quotes in the yearbook.

“It’s terrible that the grade above me ruined it for all of us,” says an anonymous Wantagh Junior.

Some underclassmen feel that this unfair.

“It’s unfair because we are not the previous seniors and for the people that made the school board come up with the decision to no longer allow senior quotes,” says Wantagh Junior Nicholas Sadocha. “They should not be able to have quotes. Not the rest of the graduating classes to come.”

However, a solution to this problem for the future graduates is to just sign your friends yearbooks with what you would have wanted your quote to be. Or you can do what I did and put your senior quote on your Instagram Bio so everyone can see it.

“I think it’s stupid because the juniors now are a different grade than the seniors,” says another anonymous Wantagh Junior.