A Tribute To Ms. Mac


Annie Goode, Editor in Chief

While writing the last article that I will ever write in my high school career, I was stumped. There is so much to say about my life here at Wantagh, yet I couldn’t find any words. So many people here have impacted me: the friends I grew up with that I soon have to say goodbye to, the teachers who helped me get accepted into college, the Sportsnite girls who taught me what real teamwork and dedication was, the model peers who inspired me to be better than I am, and the ignorant ones who inspired me to be better than they are.

All of these people that shaped me into who I am today deserve my thanks but where do I begin? I decided to focus in on the one person at Wantagh who inspired me the most, Mrs. McPartlan, my art teacher in 10th, 11th, and 12th grade.

Art class has always been my favorite class of the day, and in the last 3 years with Ms. Mac, my love for art grew. She told me how my artistic style is very similar to my sisters’, despite how many years of students and other styles she had seen between ours. Things like this show the dedication Ms. Mac has for her students and all of their individual art work. Being in her AP Art class this year, that has become even more clear to me. She would do anything for the success of her students, whether it be having one-on-one sessions during her off periods, encouraging us to apply for scholarships and contests, giving us everything we could possibly need to succeed, reassuring us our work is beautiful (even the rushed pieces we may hate), or just keeping us sane before AP week.

Never in my life have I met anyone with as pure a soul as Ms. Mac’s. She has taught me so much more than “just” everything I know about art. She is the most selfless person. Any time a teacher or student would come into Ms. Mac’s room looking for some kind of object, (if you haven’t been in her room, Ms. Mac has everything) she would dig it up and give anything she had to someone else. She’s led so many charity services with the National Art Honor Society. Her students work is more precious than gold, I can’t imagine the measures she would go to to protect a piece of our work from a misplacement or a deadly spill. Her passion and appreciation for art inspires me everyday.

If you haven’t had the honor of having Ms. Mac as a teacher, I’m sorry. I really can’t describe her greatness in a few hundred words. There is so much I don’t know as well, she is too humble to share. And if you have had her and don’t see that greatness, you’re wrong!

I’m glad my final article in high school is dedicated to the person who inspired my future. My next step in life is studying art education in college, in hopes to be somewhere close to as amazing an art teacher as this one.

Thanks, Ms. Mac.