Oh Snapple, What are you Doing?

Oh Snapple, What are you Doing?

Grace Anne McKenna, Editor in Chief

The other day, I was in the deli. I ordered my sandwich and was hunting for a beverage. Passing the Vitamin Waters and the Arizonas, I sought out one of my favorite drinks: Snapple Kiwi Strawberry. There it was waiting for me in all its glory. Except this time, there was a blue banner across the top of the vibrant wrapping. I couldn’t make out what it said initially so I opened the fridge and grabbed the bottle. “NEW PLASTIC BOTTLE!” struck my eyes. The only thing was that the bottle felt the same as the glass one; it looked the same. My heart stopped and I popped open the cap. The Snapple Fact was there. Relief flooded my face, but I couldn’t figure out why Snapple would alter the bottle material. After all, Snapple is known for its glass bottles. What would make it change this?

I did some research and figured out the top reasons for Snapple’s switch from glass to plastic. One of the primary challenges for Snapple lies in the making of these bottles. Plastic bottles are easier to construct. They can be enlarged from a plastic pellet at Snapple. On the other hand, glass has to be made elsewhere and shipped into the factory. Another reason for the switch is that glass is extremely heavy to transport, whereas plastic is lighter freight when shipping the millions of cases Snapple produces each year. It’s also cheaper. Moreover, the problem with glass is that it is harder to break down. Glass is made of sand. Therefore, it is harder to recycle than other recyclables.

Switching from glass to plastic may have environmental benefits, but neither glass nor plastic have zero waste. Both options pose problems: oil is required to manufacture these materials; plastic contains chemicals such as BPA; usage of these products often results in littering; and both materials breakdown over long periods of time.

I, for one, miss the traditional glass bottle. But, I am a huge fan of Snapple and all its drinks. I support this decision the company has made. As long as Snapple doesn’t alter the contents of the drink, I remain a happy consumer.