Home Cooking in Farmingdale – a Vegan Pizza Cafe that even Mr. Tallarine would like

Grace Anne McKenna, Editor in Chief

Coffee-sipping, doing yoga, and eating veggies define the young world today. The term “vegan” is a relatively new word that labels people who do not eat food derived from animals. This past weekend, I ate dinner at 3 Brothers Pizza Cafe with friends. This petite Italian pizzeria is located in Farmingdale. It serves all organic, vegan food. They also offer the option of a regular menu, but we highly recommend trying the vegan meals.

After looking at the menu, we opted for the vegan penne a la vodka. Almost everything tasted the same except that the meal was lighter than regular pasta and sauce. The only difference was the chef’s use of cashew milk and gluten free pasta. After dinner, we moved onto the vegan dessert menu. It was delicious. Although we aren’t vegan, we enjoyed the experience of trying a new food and lifestyle. We were vegan for the night.

The only downside was that we couldn’t ask for grated cheese.

Many of my friends are vegan or are considering becoming vegan. This was one of the reasons why we chose to eat at 3 Brothers after a big swim meet. When asked why she chose to live the vegetarian lifestyle, “I became a vegetarian over vegan mostly because of accessibility,” Wantagh High School student Samantha Walsh said.

If you want to be a vegetarian, there are options almost everywhere; but, that’s not always the case for a vegan. Although, I hope to become a vegan one day in the future.” We do love a good steak, but we understand Samantha’s opinion.