Electives – What to Take?

Marie Gonias, Reporter

Are you ever unsure about whether you should take certain classes or not? Here at Wantagh High School, there are plenty of options to choose from. But, since there are so many options, it’s sometimes difficult to decide.

Picking classes and making a schedule is not always easy. We only spend 4 years in high school, so making each one the best it can be is extremely important. There are 9 periods in a day, and the smart thing to do is to try and make them as enjoyable as possible because they’ll probably be the most important memories you’ll have.

The electives offered include art, business, English, family and consumer sciences, regular science, social studies, technology. Quite obviously, whatever your interests are, you most likely will find an elective for you.

In freshman year, you’re typically able to choose between art and music. Completing either of these courses will open up your course options for the following year. If you’re interested in business electives, there are plenty of classes you’re able to try out. If you enjoy them, you are even able to take the college level version of these courses later on. English electives range from creative writing to journalism. Journalism is a personal favorite of mine, even though I’ve only been in it for a few weeks. I am interested in writing articles. It’s been very interesting so far.

Family and consumer sciences help teach young adults how to cook, bake, and even parent children. These courses will benefit everyone for their futures. When it comes to science, there will definitely be something that interests you. These classes range from forensics to bioethics. Social Studies classes will inform you on criminal justice, psychology, or sociology. In middle school, everyone tried out a technology class. Whether you were interested or not, you were able to take it.