The Long Walk from Junior Parking will be Getting Shorter


Maggie L’Eplattenier, Reporter

I am a junior who recently turned 17. I drive to school and park far away, often on Rose Lane, in junior parking. It can be difficult to park there and then quickly walk to school on time. I return to school after going out to lunch.

After a long, cold, walk back, I realize I am going to be late. I run to the gym doors, where a security guard tells me to go to the lobby door. I run all the way around the school, hear the bell ring half way there and a feeling of defeat crushes me. I stop running and walk. This isn’t fair. I finally get to my class, which was the total opposite way. It’s like a smack in the face. I’m late.

What is the point of having the side doors if we can not use them?

School officials probably think it’s necessary to make sure no one comes through the side doors because of the risk of an intruder getting into the school that way, considering all the school shootings that recently happened across the nation. But an intruder can just as well come through the lobby doors.

Recently school administrators created a new system for the lobby doors. They added an electric bell to allow students in and out of the school during lunch time. This improved security creates awareness about someone entering the school. It would be a good idea to install a bell in the side doors as well and supervise them, too.

This encourages students to be on time to class, instead of walking around to the front – and a safe system to enter the building. After talking to the dean, Mrs. Santorello, about this topic, she said that doorbells for the side doors have been ordered and those in junior parking will have a much better chance to be on time after lunch.

“I think it will be a great idea especially with all the recent snowstorms,” says senior Anthony Fontana. “Now I won’t get detention for being late after lunch.”

A new driver, junior Marie Gonias, agrees, “I’m excited that I will make it on time to class after lunch now that this new system is being created.”