Generation Z Needs to Change America

Megan Fehling, Reporter

After the Parkland shooting Generation Z has been taking many steps to change our America. We cannot all agree on views about gun violence, but we should all appreciate the effort by these individuals. Americans do not have to agree with the Parkland kids’ views to change the Constitution, but we should admire their empowerment.

Our generation has been stereotyped as “lazy” and “antisocial.” When we try to make a change we are told to sit down and shut up. This contradiction can never play out; should we stay silent or speak out? Generation Z is tired of having school and death in the same sentence. Generation Z yearns for a safe school system. Generation Z is frustrated that we lose classmates to gun violence.

We are young and we are learning, but most importantly we are trying. Young Americans are not trying to eliminate second amendment rights, they are trying to make the United States a moral place to live.

Every generation has its flaws. So calling us “tide pod eaters” and saying we have no place to make a change in this country is illogical. We do not discriminate Germans because Hitler was evil. We do not hate Muslims because a very small number of them are terrorists. You cannot hate Generation Z because we made mistakes; there will always be a bad apple in the batch.

If we want to unite our country we must support this generation’s ability to speak up for its beliefs. You do not have to agree with the politics, but you should be willing to negotiate a change. Whether you like it or not, we will never go away, we are your future. Silencing a powerful voice in America will only make us fight harder.

Call us what you want, but we are strong and willing. We are exhausted from waiting for change: we are making change now. America is modernizing and advancing to be accepting and supportive of everyone’s beliefs. Hating a generation for something that is not its fault is contradicting our new America. You can argue that we have failed and become a disappointment, but are we really the only cause? Who gave us smart phones? Who gave everyone a trophy? The generation before us did; we developed based off your actions. I am not saying you are entirely at fault either, I am just saying you are part of the problem, but so are we.

Something is wrong in our country and it will not be fixed in a day. Generation Z is not the only problem and we will not be the only solution. We need support from many generations that surround us. Please stop bashing us for trying our best to fix our world. We need you as much as you need us. If America fails to realize this we will never be at peace with ourselves. As Abraham Lincoln once said, “a house divided against itself will not stand.”