Easter Fool’s Day

Jenna Miller, Associate Editor

In terms of major holidays, 2018 is a strange year. Due to the nature of holidays and the fact that some have set dates whereas others’ dates vary, often two holidays can coincide. Easter is always held on the first Sunday after the first full moon, which happens to be April 1st this year. April 1st is celebrated each and every year as April Fool’s Day, the holiday celebrated with pranks and jokes. Easter has not fallen on April Fool’s Day since 1956; this occurrence is rather rare as well, as it has only happened four times since 1900 prior to this year: in 1923, 1934, 1945, and 1956.

Due to the coinciding of the two holidays this year, many wonder if the seriousness of Easter will be slightly diminished by the light-hearted, silly traditions of April Fool’s Day. Others have been thinking up attempts to combine the two holidays; in other words, coming up with Easter pranks. Some creative Easter pranks include wrapping grapes in the wrappers of chocolate eggs; stuffing plastic eggs with vegetables or fake bugs instead of candy or toys; and making Easter baskets filled with gag gifts.

Just don’t take it too far and pull a prank that might ruin someone’s enjoyment of the two holidays at once – or pull pranks at mass if you go on Easter!