Learning Lessons Through Athletics

Anthony Fontana, Reporter

During my time in high school I felt like I learned more on the athletic fields than in the classroom.

Sports teaches you leadership, how to work with teammates, and how to handle tough situations. Learning about the radius of a circle doesn’t teach anyone anything. Playing under Coach Sachs and Coach Ninivaggi helped me to understand that when things aren’t going well you don’t complain, you fix them.

There have been many teachers in this school who have been very good to me and really taught me ways to be a better and smarter person outside of the classroom. Throughout my four years of high school I have been blessed to experience some amazing things and if I could go back in time to restart high school I wouldn’t change anything.

I have grown a lot since my freshman year and I feel fully prepared to start my career at Furman University where I will study business and play Division 1 baseball at a high level.

I have made lifelong friends that I consider family throughout my four years at Wantagh. Wantagh has impacted my life in tremendous ways. I have made so many memories here that I will never forget. It is sad to say that finally my time here has come to an end and I couldn’t be more satisfied.