Slowly Creeping Nostalgia


Audrey Abbate, Entertainment Editor

High school is quite the rollercoaster. You take electives, friends and parents ask about your future, you make new friends, and maybe lose some. Next thing you know, you’re heading to college.

As a underclassman, I felt like I was going to be stuck here forever. I still can’t grapple with the fact that I’m leaving. The nostalgia is slowly creeping up on me as the year winds down.

If I could sum up my senior year with one word it would be “change.” It felt like everything around me constantly changed. There was always something new happening with my family and friends. I have supportive friends. I always thought it was important to not be cliquey, and my friends came from all different groups. I’ll miss my friends sneaking up on me at my locker and scaring the life out of me.

I also joined Mrs. Naughton’s drama class this year and it was a great experience. I met a bunch of underclassmen. I’ve had teachers who would dodge a bullet for me. There’s also been many teachers I know who I wish I had. My guidance counselor Mrs. Lethbridge and I had a great relationship.

Thankfully, my school has a newspaper. Mr. Kravitz’s journalism class felt like a fantastic fit once I took it sophomore year. One of my best memories was publishing my first article in the paper. It felt good to see my name on something. Writing gave me a voice, an important path to self expression.

Senior year, I saw my community shrink but the houses expanded. It feels like a lot of people moved. I was close with the class of 2017; their grade was very large compared to ours.

When I think of Wantagh, I think of my childhood. I’ve been in this district since kindergarten. I remember my first day of kindergarten. I was the only kid who didn’t cry, though I will probably start crying like a preschooler on my last day here.

Honestly, I didn’t study very much. I just made my school work a priority. If I could go back to the first time I walked in this building, I would tell myself: Don’t worry so much about pleasing others to get approval, create your own path, and confidence looks great on everyone.

I realize that high school is such a minute part of life. I know that what you do here follows you, but it’s only four years of your life out of many.

I will truly be leaving Wantagh after graduation. My house will be for sale but I will come back and visit. You’ll probably find me at Robert Moses or Jones Beach in the summer. Wantagh is my whole world, but now it’s time to explore the “real” world.