One third of Millennials Apparently Believe the Earth is Flat

Sarah Benkovic, Reporter

Is the world flat? One-third of millenials do believe that it is, according to a recent Forbes article. Although everyone is entitled to their own opinion, this argument seems to be a big one. I’ve learned that members from the Flat Earth Society believe the earth is flat.

They all say walking around the planets surface it looks and feels flat. Flat Earth Society members argue that the satellite photos are fabrications of a “round Earth conspiracy.” They explain that Earth’s gravity is just an illusion, and that objects don’t move downward, they move upward instead driven up by a force called dark energy. They still believe in dark energy although gravity has already been proven a scientific fact. Flat-earthers believe “rocks” are what lies underneath the disc of Earth, but this is mostly unknown.

“It is hard to wrap your head around how the earth is round and how strongly gravity works,” said a Wantagh sophomore.

Many flat-earthers believe that photos of our planet are photoshopped and are fake. Which seems hard to believe but many do believe this. Some even think that our earth is shaped like a frisbee.

If all if this were true then why would scientists go to such great lengths to create false evidence about our round Earth? They believe that scientists do this because they have already built a strong conspiracy that if they change it, it would create chaos.

This argument seems to go on although there is a ton of evidence that proves the earth is oblate spheroid, but the flat-earthers keep fighting to prove that they are right. A lot of the evidence scientists make seem to be conspiracies according to them. I guess we’ll just have to fly into outer space to find out for ourselves!