Homework- Harmful or Helpful?

Julia Enella, Reporter

Students dread attending school for seven hours a day. They wake up and count the hours until they will be home. Lots of students have after school activities as well and do not return home until sometimes 7 p.m. They have to then eat, shower, spend time with family and then start their hours of homework.

Most nights students can have homework in every single subject along with tests to study for. Some teens argue that all homework assignments are useless and just “busy work” while others find it beneficial because you get a review of topics covered in class .

Homework can be dangerous though because students find themselves staying up all night finishing papers and this can be dangerous situation. They will feel sick the next day and this can impact their activities that day.

Homework assignments take away time that could be spent with family and friends. Students come home from school and lock themselves in their bedrooms for hours. They are losing valuable times with meaningful people in their lives.

Serious students say that homework is necessary and effective. Mainly teachers argue that it is a good review of what was taught in class and helps you learn. Most times the homework given is busy work and is barely even checked by the teacher. So, is homework helping students learn, or hurting their childhood?