Nicole Hooker, Viewpoints Editor

“It is estimated that Americans use a whopping 500 million straws per day,” Robyn Albritton, wrote www.sailorsforthesea.org.

It’s amazing how an object that is only used for 10 minutes can cause a problem that will last forever. Most plastic straws are not recyclable and they end up in landfills or the ocean. This becomes a huge problem because animals in the ocean become sick and die from eating straws.
The simple fix is to change your straw to reusable one, not use straws all together and definitely avoid purchasing them. Nowadays many restaurants have decided to not give out straws unless you ask for them otherwise you can request no straw. It’s vital that we respect the environment because we are not the only creatures living on the planet.

It so simple to go strawless to take a huge step toward a cleaner environment, so take the challenge and #skipthestraw.