Starbucks Brewing Coffee in Italy

Gianna Barberio, Reporter

In early September, Starbucks opened its first store in Italy and many Italians are not happy about it. Before the opening, a Facebook poll was taken asking if Italians would like a Starbucks to open up in Italy. The poll featured 87 percent answering “no.” Many commoners claimed that a Starbucks coming to italy would erode Italian culture.

However Starbucks first location in Italy wasn’t just a basic American-styled Starbucks. The 25,000-square-foot coffee shop opened in a historic post office building near a famous Milan cathedral.

Italians are not too happy about this. Coffee consumption in Italy is not like how Americans consume coffee in America. Expressos are typically consumed quickly in a small 2-3 ounce cup, while standing up at a bar and rarely cost more than a single euro.  However a coffee in America is a pricey super-sized drink, anywhere from a Tall 8-ounce cup to a Venti 20-ounce cup.

A fancy 25,000-square-foot  Starbucks opening up with super-sized lattes and fancy frappuccinos, free Wi-Fi and abundant seating,  the opening of Starbucks will most definitely shake up Italian coffee culture, whether they like it or not.