America Needs Its Caffeine Fix

Julia Ferrara, Reporter

For most Americans, drowsy mornings all start the same way. Whether it’s a trip to Dunkin’ or making a cup at home, it’s safe to say most people drink coffee in the morning. The coffee craze has been in the United States for ages and it’s no wonder it ended up here. America is one of the most industrial, fast-paced countries in the world. With all the hustling and bustling through cites, Americans rely on coffee to help them become more alert, and to pay attention better. But with all this coffee comes with a price: caffeine addiction.

Most people in the U.S use caffeine everyday. Weather it’s coffee, soda, or even chocolate. Most adults can’t function or pay attention when not having their daily dose of coffee. Headaches, insomnia, and other symptoms are just a few caffeine withdrawal symptoms. Being irritable and tired is also a major effect after not having coffee or any other caffeinated beverage if you’re used to having it everyday.

Some Americans even believe that caffeine can be just as addictive as drugs. Americans today are highly dependent on caffeine and there seems to be no end to this epidemic. In fact, too much caffeine can be harmful to our bodies. Studies show that consuming 300mg of caffeine a day during pregnancy can increase the risk of low birth weight babies. Others suggest that drinking four cups of coffee a day may increase the risk of early death.

Although we have all this information of caffeine and what it can do to our bodies, consumers don’t seem to be slowing down our coffee addictions any time soon. Americans appeal to the benefits coffee gives us like reduced risks of stroke, decreased risk of type 2 diabetes, and amazingly cuts mouth and throat cancer by 50%. And with these perks of caffeine, America will continue to sip on their coffee one morning at a time.