Another Tragic Loss – Stephen Hillenberg Dies at 57

Isabelle Samudio, Entertainment Editor

This year we have lost many celebrities: people who created our childhood or have been around for so long, they seem invincible. From Stan Lee to Stephen Hawking, great minds have passed on. Tragically, just yesterday, we lost someone who you probably never thought about, but still impacted you in an incredible way: Stephen Hillenberg.

Just seeing his name makes you be transported back to your childhood, when you’d watch as bubbles filled the screen after the final toot of the horn and the iconic font spelled the words Spongebob Squarepants: produced by Stephen Hillenberg.

This one man formed the basis of your childhood and the inside jokes of a generation. With his unique humor, he created a show that spanned generations. My own father is wont to make references that makes everyone laugh.

Hillenberg truly was incredible – but nobody really knew him.

For example, did you know that he was a marine biologist? Yes – the quirky animation is based on actual marine life! Anything very bizarre in the show can usually be explained through scientific fact. Hillenberg taught children about marine biology as an early career, and then through his magnum opus. You probably also didn’t know he decided to get into animation after a spur of the moment decision after attending a CalArts festival – and the world was better off for it.

So whenever you think about the show, try to associate it with the mind behind it. Therefore, his humor and intelligence will live on forever in the hearts and minds of people around the world who still cling to their inner child.