Cell Rules too Strict or too Lenient?

Julia Enella, Reporter

Students around the globe have strict policies against their cell phones in school everyday. Deans and principals create very harshrules about when they can have use their cell phones and others do not even allow them to carry them in their backpacks.

Many teens get angry that they cannot have their cell phones and if they are caught with them can receive detention, like in the Wantagh Middle school. Children often abuse cell phone privileges, so cannot even be trusted with having them in their bags. They argue that they could need to contact their parents.

In an emergency kids cannot call their parents or even reach out to them for a ride home after school. Being forced to have their phones hidden throughout the school day causes arguments and often many problems.

When you reach the high school you are granted more freedom and they trust you to make the best decisions. You are allowed to have your phones with you and can use them in the halls, during lunch, study halls, and even during some classes with teacher consent. Some teachers even allow you to use your cell phones for educational purposes as well.

Sometimes students will go on their phones during class and are warned before given a detention or a write up. Many kids get angry about cell phone policies and cause many issues.