Wake up, Get out of Bed, Run a Brush Across Your Head

Nicole Hooker, Viewpoints Editor

My alarm blares in my ear. The piercing, annoying, obnoxious, DUHN DUHN DUHN DUHN over and over again until I tap “stop” on my home screen. I turn it off and close my eyes again, dreading this moment.

Waking up again to the sound of my mom screaming my name. The first five times I ignore her holding on to those wonderful last seconds in bed. Finally I check the time wondering how every time I close my eyes, 10 minutes passed when it felt like 10 seconds.

Every morning this struggle is beyond painful. By 6:45 I have 20 minutes to shower and get ready for school.  I hop in and out of the shower as fast as possible. I dress, and return to the bathroom to blow dry my wet hair but the sound of the shower fills creates intense anger.

How am I supposed to blow dry my hair when the bathroom is hot and steamy? Why can’t my mom wait five minutes knowing she has to be at work an hour after I have to be at school.

All I need is five minutes. Now I have to unplug the blow dryer, bring it into my room, dry my hair, unplug it bring it back in the bathroom and plug it back in adding an extra five minutes to what was only supposed to take five minutes.

Now I’m late for school, tired and annoyed, daydreaming about my bed all day. Thank God for coffee.